Promise Ring Buying Guide

Posted on October 12th, 2020 12:00 PM

Promise rings show the emotion and love of lovers, that represents a couple has feelings for each other.  That ring is a sign of your love that can be the dedication of love; you can give any time this ring to make the promise of your let’s go with us to know how to choose an amazing promise Ring for your loved one.

What is a promise ring? 

The Promise ring is a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring can be a token of your love it is loyalty between partners. A promise ring is used for make commitment for future with your loved one, its shows your love and promise like as how you will be going to care of your lover and how they will be felt with you. Exchange of the rings that means a couple willing to engagement or it can show how much you are dedicated for love.           

In Which finger we should wear a promise ring

There is no specific thing here for in which finger or hand we should wear a ring, we can wear a ring in any hand or finger. Best way to wear a ring-like, whichever finger is comfy or handy for you to wear a ring, you can wear it. Their many people are wearing a ring in their left hand's finger here. It’s general think, to wear a ring on the left hand. Although some people are wear ring on their neck through a chain.  Also, some others wear in the right-hand finger. So don't be confused between a promise ring and engagement ring.

What does a promise ring look like?

The promise ring can be shorter and less extraordinary than engagement rings. There is always used invaluable metal, Like as (Gold, Silver) to making a promise ring. Most promise rings are made with a diamond or other gemstone. Usually, most gemstones are used smaller size in promise ring, and also some promise rings are not so designed or featured like an engagement ring. You can get a promise ring with diamond mostly and with gemstone also. Like this.  

This is a heart-shaped promise ring with blue gemstone, Prong Setting, with Crafted diamonds on the shank.

Make Sure Difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring

Sometimes your promise ring can look like as an engagement ring, so if you are giving this ring to your Girlfriend, maybe she can be confused with your proposal. So always make sure about the promise ring, then after should buy a ring for her.

In this Image, you can define a difference between a promise ring or engagement ring.

Promise Ring

Engagement Ring

What kind of ring you should choose?

If we talk about Ring so there is a very valuable option with which diamond, a diamond ring can be very attractive or sparkling as look wise with durability. If you don’t want to go with a diamond so there are also other options of simulant diamonds (Cubic zirconia, Moissanite and rhinestone), these diamond stones you can afford in low cost within your budget also along with designer rings can get at a low price. Another side you can go with colour gemstone it can also fit in your budget.

When to present the promise ring?

A Promise Ring can betoken of your commitment or your love; it does not matter what you are planning for your future, will you marry each other or not. If you are in a relationship for many years so you can do promise to her with a promise ring. Also, time doesn’t matter, you can promise her any time. It’s your choice when you want to change your love life into a married or engage life. Also, you can give this ring to any important moment or event, can give ring on her birthday, valentine day or other days when her mood will well.

Something needs to be known before buying a promise ring.

First, you have to decide you want to buy a ring for a finger and for which finger, because of a promise rings traditionally wear in the left hand and are replaced with the engagement ring. You can also pick a promise ring with a chain if your partner doesn’t want to wear a ring in finger. Sometimes friends also give rings to each other, so if you are buying for your good friend so you can consider other fingers for a ring.

The second one is your ring size it mattered most. If you are wishing to buy a ring her as a surprise, then don’t ask her directly you can detect by the print of ring size. Also, you can ask her friends or family members.

Third, is rings price, ring price can be high or less also. But there are many types of a ring that can come with diamond or gemstones also. So you can buy any diamond ring for a promise with your budget. And there is also an important thing your partner choice if your partner choices are very high or fancy so maybe you have to go with some high quality or high price. And if your partner’s choice is not so higher then you can afford in the low budget also with the good ring.


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