Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Posted on October 8th, 2020 02:10 PM

Tips for Buying Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring it cannot be so easy work at least we can say. There are many things mattered, such as diamond’s shape, cut, color, size you, in fact how to find or choose best and fine ring set. We don’t need to be arduous, for how to buy a ring with the right approach and a good choice you can daze your partner.

First, make a budget

In engagement ring shopping tips you always get to hear one thing at least you should spend your two-month salary on an engagement ring. You may also get to read engagement ring price guides, that shows you cost of the ring, as per this you can make the decision to buy a ring.

We would like to suggest you, won’t follow and go through with certain rules and prices of engagement ring, which are created by some gimmicky marketers. Instead of this, you can ideate your budget by looking at your financial condition, along with any special desires for your fiancé-to-be.

Now to think which style of the ring will be nice

So there second think will make feel love to your partner, which is your ring’s style or type. You will get many type or style of rings there such as the most pieces made of white and yellow gold. And selection depends on, he or she prefers vintage pieces or modern designs.

You can also peek her a dress, as you can gain insight. That will give you a little clue, about what type of ring can be matched with the dress. And what she would wear a ring. For example, if she gravitates toward floral vintage dresses, consider styles like this ornate halo engagement ring. If her style is sharp and sleek, try a platinum beveled ring.

Now you have to understand shape or cut about the diamond

If you have knowledge about the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) of diamond that can help you a lot, to choosing a good diamond. Cause of The beauty and quality of the diamond can be different.

Some tips or information about diamond quality.

1. Cut: Always go with an Excellent or Ideal cut diamond also confirm your stone offers the most brilliance and fire. The cutting base can be your first step decider.

2. Color: If You finding colourless diamond so you can get G-I range. To the naked eye, that will appear just as colourless as a diamond. That will cost far less.

3. Clarity: there A VS1 or VS2 Clarity Generally offers you the best value for what can be seen with the naked eye. Blemishes and inclusions are not noticeable at these grades.

4. Carat: because of fineness and lustre matter most Instead of focusing on diamonds carat you should focus on diamond cut. Once you got your all three c’s then will find the largest carat that can be still fitted in your budget.

Find the Brilliant Diamond

In buying tips, these tips can be most important for you. Brilliance and fire of diamond can be the most eye-catching feature. Therefore we should focus and spend our budget on cut quality than any other speciality.

Finding perfect or fine metal for the ring

when choices come to metal: there we have four option:


White Gold

Yellow Gold

Rose Gold

These all colours are good and fine with the look and wear, all colour depends on your choices on which dress you would want to wear your ring, your ring can be matched with your dress colour. There are four different colours if you wish jewellery in silver so you can go through with white gold metal. If you wish to wear a gold type ring, can go through with yellow gold and also there is a rose colour available for your choice.    


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