Diamond Birthstones Color Grade Chart & Fancy Colors

Posted on October 8th, 2020 02:27 PM

What does diamond colour?

There I would like to tell you it’s very hard to find a diamond without any colour at all. Actually you will get to see different types of occurring colour, including grey, white, yellow, green, brown, and pink.

Some other facts about diamond:

The absence of colour in a diamond can be the determining valuation of a diamond.

Determining of the diamond colour grade should be determined with certified grading professionals.

The appearance of diamond colour can be affected by the tone of a ring’s setting.


Diamond Colors are an Important Characteristic That Affects a Diamond’s Beauty

Diamond colour can be an important thing when buying any diamond. And we always compare diamond with 4c’s for good clarity. And if there colours are affected by price so there are a number of factors that can help you to decide which colour grade right for you.                                                                          

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) colour scale

GIA determines the standard for diamond grading. The GIA diamond colour grades range from D for (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). So there are many people confused why GIA diamond grading scale starts at D. Arcane systems used grades of A-C, 1-3, and I-III, etc. The GIA Startup to standardize these diverse systems and started their scale fresh with a grade of D.   

Range from D (Colorless) To K (Faintly Colored), Diamond Grades

Colourless diamonds

With high quality and rarest a full ICE look.

D-F Color Diamonds

Near-colourless diamonds

No noticeable colour, great value for the quality.

G-H Color Diamonds

I-J Color Diamonds

Faint colour diamonds

This diamond can be budget-friendly; pairs beautifully with yellow gold.

K Color Diamonds

Note: Diamond Prices can be declined and increased as alphabetical order. For instance, a diamond with a G grade colour can be low expensive than a diamond with D colour.

L-Z Color grade diamonds

L-Z these grade diamonds are noticeably warm yellow hue, which does not meet the quality and value. So many people are not selling to this grade of the diamond.

Are you seeking a diamond which colour is best? With your budget. The full colourless diamond or absence of colour in a diamond is rarest, so that why it can be the most expensive diamond. So when we come upon D or E colour grade, there many people go with a beautiful near colourless grade with their budget. A most affordable cut which gives them more sparkle.

Pleading for Diamond Color Based on Shape and Setting

Some fancy-shaped diamonds hide colour can be better than others-and can cost up to 25% less than a round-cut diamond. It’s also smart to consider the colour of precious metal for your setting that best compliments the colour grade of your diamond. For example, yellow gold casts a warm glow and looks best with diamonds with faint colour. Platinum or white gold will make a near-colourless diamond look icier.


All the diamonds have their own price as per their colour or grade clarity. If you wondering to buy D to F level diamond so you have to pay a high price because of its look and high grade. If you want to choose in low grade or in low cost so there you can starting to thing from N to R or S to Z level, in this level you can afford a low-cost diamond with your budget. There is always you don’t have to more amount for N to Z grade level diamond this grade’s price always less than compare to ( D to F) grade diamond.

Here You can Understand, A diamond grading scale with A diamond grading colour.


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